MUA Series: Client Do's and Dont's

I know I said many of my new posts may be rants, but I don't want this to come off as such. When reading anything below, please don't take it in a negative way, but just as a helpful guideline as a client to a makeup artist.

I don't want to sound as if I'm complaining and don't love what I do. I absolutely love doing makeup; transforming faces, replacing frowns with smiles and hearing the "WOW" and "OMG" from clients. There is nothing more rewarding than changing someones day with a little bit of face painting. With that being said, there are often times as an artist you have experiences or run-ins with clients that make you want to put your brushes down forever.

As an artist there are a ton of pet peeves that I have, and I'm sure that I'm not alone. I know for a fact I'm not alone because I have had conversations with other artists. However, not to sound like a nag, I just made a quick list of client do's and dont's.

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Intentional Style Challenge via Style Atelier

Good friend of mine and fellow blogger Shakirah over at Style Atelier is challenging women to be intentional with their style. I too am victim of falling into a rut and not being as stylish as I know I can be. To read all about the Style Atelier Intentional Style Callenge visit the link here.

In short, here is how you can participate in the challenge:

1.Send a picture of your best intentional style outfit to askstyleatelier@gmail.com. It can be anything as long it’s an outfit that makes you feel beautiful.

2. Send a tweet @StyleAtelier, @SharberriStyle, @TB_BeautyStyle, @GraceofHerStyle or instagramming your outfit with the hashtag #IntentionalStyle2013.

They will feature you on the blog with your Twitter or Instagram handle. Remember, this isn’t about vanity. This is about embracing and owning your personal style.

Hope you ladies join in on the fun!
Candice Olivia

MAC Tips for Contouring and Highlighting

Today I came across a video from MAC featuring two of their Senior Artists providing some tips and essential information about highlighting and contouring. While highlighting and contouring is nothing new in the makeup game, for some reason it appears to be talked about and mentioned as if it's a trend.

Contouring and highlighting is an essential practice when applying a full face of makeup to enhance the structure of one's face. I see so many women attempting to highlight and contour their face and it goes horribly wrong. One of the artist from the video is quoted as saying "You want to see the effect, not the makeup". I couldn't have said it better myself.

Take a look at the video here. I hope the tips are helpful. There is also a printable step by step guide if you need more help.

Candice Olivia


Back To Blogging

How many times have I or someone else posted about their blogging hiatus and how they promise to do better about being consistent? More times than any of us including myself can count. Life gets in the way, I'm dealing with things, blah blah blah. Same old excuses.

You can say life got in the way, but when the beauty business is your life, you can always find time to blog about it. I was just lazy and I wasn't really inspired to be quite honest. So why come back? Why are you inspired all of a sudden? My recent inspiration to blog has come from lackluster bloggers.

If you follow me on twitter you may be familiar with my rants. I see or hear something that bothers me and then the shade comes out like word vomit. My biggest gripe these days is that I feel there are a lot of bloggers, vloggers and youtube "gurus" (I use that term lightly) doing those who actually want to learn more about makeup and beauty a disservice. I see things like not properly prepping the skin, unsanitary practices on models, poor color matching and putting cream and liquid products on top of powders.

Some may say why complain unless you're going to do something about it? And you're absolutely right. I hope I can help some people along the way. Each one, teach one right? Some people may be offended or not like my approach in how I address things. And that is fine, you're entitled to that. I'm going to give it to you straight, no chaser and you're just going to have to deal. I'm never going to apologize for being me.

What I hope to do is pick up my product reviews, general tips and tricks, some trend reports and maybe JUST MAYBE do some videos. People keep asking me but I don't know if I want to make that kind of committment just yet.

Candice Olivia
Holy flash Batman! Rihanna concert this past Monday with my friend Veronica.

Throwback Thursday: My First MAC Collection Purchase

Unless you're living under a rock or don't care about the business of beauty and all things trendy, you know that MAC debuted Rihanna's "RiRi Woo" lipstick today. My whole entire twitter, facebook and instagram timelines have been inundated with pictures of confirmation emails for purchasing the lipstick.

There is often times a lot of hype, excitement, anticipation and any other overly excited adjective that you can think of when it comes to limited edition MAC collections. A lot of people complain about them and act as if they don't care but still are one of the first online trying to acquire and covet these oh so elusive products. But that shade is for another blog post.

Although I haven't been compelled to purchase many of the MAC collections recently, all of this excitement got me to thinking about the first time I purchased something from a MAC collection. I remember how in awe I was of the packaging and willing to pay whatever the price just to say I had it.

My first collection purchase was from the Icon collection highlighting Diana Ross. How could I pass up on this collection? Such a beautiful icon who is legendary in her own right. I had no intention on purchasing makeup that day. I was walking out the mall and going to my car. I saw the signage and the pink packaging and read the names, and was instantly enamored. I got the "Mountain High" blush (which makes me sing the song in my head every time I say it) and the "Miss Ross" lipstick the perfect pink.

My love for makeup was burgeoning at that time. I can honestly tell you I had no clue what I was doing with makeup. I was young and had the money to buy it, so I did. This was my first blush and lipstick purchase ever. Prior to this I think I only had 2 eye shadows (amber lights and corduroy) and 1 lipglass (instant gold). My how things have changed.

What was your first MAC collection purchase if you've ever made one? I'd love to know!

Candice Olivia


Recap: Release Blowdry VIP Grand Opening Reception

Imagine being able to go to a salon with your girls, and all of your friends regardless of hair texture are able to get a MEAN blow out. You're all partaking in a  great ambiance, complimentary drinks with the option of delectable food, out in under 2 hours and you're spending less than $50. Wouldn't that be amazing?!? Well I'm here to tell you that such a place exists, it's Release Blowdry on H Street in Washington DC.

Last Thursday I was invited to a private VIP Grand Opening reception at Release Blowdry hosted by K Street Kate and Paul Wharton of the CW.  At first glance I just thought it was yet another blowdry bar since they seem to be popping up everywhere. Something trendy but I wasn't all too excited. It wasn't until a friend of mine and I were able to have a conversation with one of the owners and she really explained the concept of the salon and all of what they have to offer. It was at this point my eyes began to light up. We thought to ourselves "This is too good to be true". We had a plethora of follow up questions for the owner and she was gracious enough to answer all of them for us.

The drinks were flowing and Holly from Bartendher was amazing. The food catered by Delicioso LLC was more than amazing. The chicken samosas, the coconut crab cakes and the butternut squash soup was to die for. Cake pops that were amazing and a gift bag full of phyto products for my hair (which I love phyto). Of course I was skeptical that the food was only amazing for the event, but I was told by the owner that the same catering company will be used in the salon daily! Located on H Street in NE Washington DC with all the hip bars and pubs, you can even partake in Happy Hour hair promotions where you can get $5-$10 off of services. All while you get complimentary drinks while you're getting your hair done. Can't beat that!

Never have I been to a place that provides you with complimentary products tailored to your hair type and texture, where they also take the time to teach you how to use the products therefore maintaining your hairstyle after you leave. How many times have you gotten a specialized treatment, then you didn't have the products at home to keep it up yourself? Well Release is going to give them to you. I could go on and on for days about this salon and I have yet to sit in a chair there. I just beg you to take a look and give it a chance.

It's truly a place where  you can relax, relate and release. Where else can you get a $35 blowout with complimentary tea, coffee, wine or champagne and pay less than $10 for gourmet food if you'd like.

For a complete list of services and packages visit the Release website at www.releasetheblowdrybar.com

There are living social deals, advantages for connecting on social media via twitter, Facebook and even Instagram! With recent news that my beloved hair stylist is moving to New York in a matter of weeks, this most definitely will be somewhere my girlfriends and I hang out to get our hair done.

*peace love & couture*
Candice Olivia


Product Review: Black Radiance Fine Line Liquid Eyeliner Pen


Brand: Black Radiance
Price: $4
Place of Purchase: CVS
Product Description: Defines eye with a flawlessly clean line. The soft felt tip provides precise contouring in just one stroke. For well defined eyes that last all day, apply a thin delicate line. For a more dramatic look, go bold with a thicker line

I was on the hunt for different eye liners and never tried a felt tip liner. During a trip to CVS for makeup wipes of course I left with more. I picked up the Black Radiance Fine Line Liquid Eyeliner Pen in black.

Initial Thoughts: I will just cut to the chase. This is a horrible product and I would not suggest it to anyone ever. It's not even a shoddy substitute for anything acceptable to use as a liquid liner. The line that it produces is so faint, and what little product comes out you can rub it away with one swipe. If I'm ever going to buy a black liner I want it to be BLACK and very intense for a reason.

I think the only thing I would be able to use this for is if I were to try and create a fake mole on my face (and even that is a stretch). I was completely upset that I wasted my money on such a product. In the trash it goes.

Has anyone ever tried this product before? If so what are your thoughts?

*peace love & couture*
Candice Olivia 


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